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A man claiming to be from Service Solutions talking about drainage and plumbing insurance. He told me we haven’t made a claim in the last year. I asked him whether we were insured with them. He told me that we’ve been referred to them because we haven’t claimed in the last year. I asked him again whether we were insured with them. He said we weren’t. I asked to be taken off their call list.
2 months ago
They called, I answered. At first nothing, then a woman's voice said "hello". I replied "hello" then she hung up. I always check out any numbers beginning 012....
2 months ago
They called me trying to sell insurance. I didn't recognise the name of the company. When I asked how they got my number they rang off.
2 months ago
Just had a phone call from this number about my plumbing. I laughed as I am in sheltered accommodation she was surprised that I laughed and then put the phone down on me. So rude as well!!!!
3 months ago
Called, they asked for my surname, I confirmed, then they hung up. I called back, automated voicemail saying "sorry we missed your call, we will call back", that's it. The voicemail said there was an option to remove the number, but you had to dial it in then press hash. I didn't, in case it was a lie.
3 months ago
A woman called on house phone. Didn't even get my wife's surname right so I told her "as you don't even know her name - goodbye"
3 months ago
Called the house phone, asked for my mother, when I said she was currently unavailable and asked who is calling they hung up
5 months ago
not sure about this one - unsolicited call re insurance cover - realised they only knew my name and address. Could be legit but doubt it
6 months ago