07391 890843
Scam saying they were from Hermes and gave me a web site to contact to re-schedule.
18 hours ago
020 8001 4674
19 hours ago
07861 202597
Said my NI number had been compromised and used in illegal activity
1 week ago
07773 346388
Said my NI number had been used in fraudulent activity
1 week ago
020 8592 1942
claimed to be from BT department saying they are going to cut off my phone and internet.
1 week ago
07365 722596
Inland Revenue scam recorded message. Just cut off and block.
1 week ago
07219 326022
Caliming to be Amazon
1 week ago
0161 126 7092
Claiming to be HMRC and is issuing an arrest warrentty
1 week ago
07780 625415
HMRC scam push button 1 to pay. Hang up!
1 week ago
07446 289174
Scam Call claiming to be Virgin Media "concerns over my internet connection" then i hung up
1 week ago
07774 355927
scam claiming to be from HMRC saying that my NI number would be suspended unless I press 1 and talk to someone. They rang twice but I didn't pick up. On the second time they left a recorded message. Ignore it.
1 week ago
076 4391 3264
Scam HMRC Tax court action if you don't press 1
2 weeks ago
07847 443881
SCAM CALLER! Recorded message supposedly from Inland Revenue saying none payment of tax & if I don't press 1 and pay, Then a warranty would be placed for my arrest. Call from a EE Mobile. Caller Reported & Blocked.
2 weeks ago
01978 317299
Pretending to be from Amazon , wanting you to press numbers yet another scam call
2 weeks ago
020 8733 1153
wont let you call back, states number is invalid
2 weeks ago
020 8237 6505
amazon call about an unauthorised payment on my a/c,dont have an amazon a/c,next call about this very tempted to press 1 & let rip.
3 weeks ago
07858 443590
scam claiming to be from HMRC
3 weeks ago
07855 705286
Inland Revenue Scam saying there is a warrant out for my arrest if I don't press 1 and pay online.
3 weeks ago
020 1828 5584
number called & said to contact them before legal action is taken against my name & my social security number
3 weeks ago