Find a number that begins with 0114452
0114 452 1749
Is this one of British Airways customer helpline?
8 months ago
0114 437 6508
Who does this number belong too I just tried to call it back and it saying been disconnected
1 year ago
0114 438 7717
Please come with us for your phone - no name company - never take you off their database - lots of similar numbers, so blocked number doesn't stop all of their multiple attempts.
1 year ago
0114 437 9291
At it again. Not picked up unless a message is begun on the system. I do not pick up unless I recognise the number as a contact. 0850/6/Nov/2018.
1 year ago
0114 438 8485
Indian man called saying he was from cold call blocking service and wanted to confirm bank details from my card. He repeated told me he was calling from a reputed company and that details would be forwarded to me in the post within a couple of days. I hung up after the request for info from my bank card.
1 year ago
0114 349 9096
Called 5 times today
1 day ago
0114 303 5325
rang on 14-07-20 said i had won a funeral plan ( what a thing to win )
3 weeks ago
0114 352 0253
Phoned me came up as spam on my phone and when I rang back nobodys there so must be an illegal computer phoning random numbers
3 weeks ago
0114 349 8145
Who is this?
4 weeks ago
0114 303 5357
Just had a call from this number but wasn’t able to return the call because auto response says the number you have dialled has not been recognises so that is rather suspicious
1 month ago
0114 352 0253
Who are you and what do you want
1 month ago
0114 303 5356
Second call from same voice asking about lagging we had.
1 month ago
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