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01286 057018
Keep getting recorded message about Amazon Prime account about 4 calls a day I think another scam
9 months ago
01286 020915
Recorded message claiming charges had been made to Amazon account. I pressed 1 to speak to an advisor and as soon as I started asking questions she changed up.
9 months ago
01286 005298
Repeated calls from different No., obviously an attempted scam, making various unfounded claims re phone, internet, threatening to cut line off. Stopped answering but calls still continue.
10 months ago
01286 099824
HMR stating warrant out for arrest11
10 months ago
01286 085197
Recorded message claiming to be security saying a £600 transaction had been made on my card 15 minutes earlier. Hung up.
11 months ago
01286 080112
Automated message said my Internet had been compromised and they were going to shut it down and I had to press one for a engineer
1 year ago
01286 070931
claims to be from BT threatening cutting of land line & broadband
1 year ago
01286 088703
supposed to be from talktalk saying my line had been hacked. told him to get lost didnt like it. LOL
1 year ago
01286 088418
Claims that your IP address is compromised from abroad
1 year ago
01286 094425
Scam,recorded message threatening to cut off internet line
1 year ago
01286 085921
Another supposed BT person threatening that the Internet would be disconnected! Scam!
1 year ago
01286 017975
Scam caller from a guy with an Indian accent who rang off when I asked questions.
1 year ago
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