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01642 130824
Who called me
1 year ago
01642 130811
photo shoot offer. They rang on Friday giving me the special offer that was going to run out at 9pm that night...we are Now on Monday...rang me everyday I just dont answer...must be a daily offer til 9pm 😂
1 year ago
01642 122015
Hoax Talk Talk call from Indian call centre.
1 year ago
01642 939457
Its the dentisy
9 months ago
01642 290647
Caller extremely rude.
1 year ago
01642 477949
Scammer. Said we had problems with our Internet connection.
1 year ago
01647 777838
Good old BT (in an American voice!) warning me that my internet service could be terminated. Stopped listening at that point but would presumably demanded money with menaces if I'd let the recording run. How the h*** can we close down these crooks?
1 year ago
01643 118569
Was called by this number at 7.40am on 2 January. Went to answering machine but left no message.
1 year ago
01641 581364
Foreign sounding voice telling me my account had been compromised and wishing me to press either 1 on my keypad for BT or 2 for any other service provider. Tried phoning the number above - gained from the BT 1471 service - and of course it was unobtainable. We're pretty wise to this now but I am staggered BT hasn't been able to find a way to prevent these calls. But this one is going on the blacklist.
1 year ago
01646 847684
Who is this automan
1 year ago
0161 505 1953
This company phoned and said I could claim tax from HMRC so they took my details and then I received a letter from HMRC saying they had sent a cheque to this company. I phoned the Company and yes I am able to receive half of the money which should be paid into my account next week. I was quite happy with this because HMRC don't inform you that you are owed money so to receive anything is a bonus.
2 days ago
0161 464 5829
Nuisance caller lying about conducting a local survey and can reduce our business rates. Have been told not to call back now several times. Rude and pushy.
3 days ago
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