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KindFixed Line
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"Thomas" rang, claiming to be from "Block Call", about updating 'my' (mum's) nuisance call prevention package. He eagerly and without prompting gave her full name and address, as though to legitimise hi@ call. I told him that 'I' didn't have that package, to with he replied, "Ooh, right. I'll just check that." and hung up.
9 months ago
Not sure, dodgy for sure! Some link to the telephone preference service, called my mum (76) and abruptly hung up.
9 months ago
I've just had a call claiming to be from an organisation the deals with nuisance calls (wasn't the Telephone Preference Service). He said the were now blocking international calls too. He was extremely pleasant and sounded genuine, even asking the make and type of phone I had, as it offered an even higher degree of protection. There were a couple of comments which didn't sound quite right, but he seemed ok.. He even said there was a new scam using Thomas Cook offering refunds. Anyway, in the end he casually said "is £1.50p a week still affordable to you?".. I said I din't make any payments to any such service. He tried to pass it off as a turn of phrase and then his tone changed. He said "well is it affordable to you?" I said "no I'm not paying for such a service". He then mumbled something while he hung up rather quickly.
9 months ago
Tried ringing me,no idea who it is as didn't answer.. Either sales or some sort of scam more than likely
9 months ago