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Local0330 380 0726
Worldwide+44 330 380 0726
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Con merchants
5 days ago
They do not answer the phone
1 week ago
What website is this same has happened to me
1 month ago
They take me in 18 October 2 transaction 99£ and 95£
1 month ago
Me too, just noticed £89 taken unauthorised for last 2 months. Have asked my bank's fraud dept to investigate.
1 month ago
I had 92 taken from mine they refunding it bck to me within two weeks this was on 27th
2 months ago
Had £95 and £92 fraudulently taken by this company
2 months ago
Same here my girlfriend bought some diet pills and I Have had 89.99 taken out of my account every month
2 months ago
My daughter bought diet pills for £3.25 in May. In June £89 was taken from her account, unauthorised. In August a further £89 was taken. Seems a similar story to those above. The tel number above was listed next to the transaction, along with the word Nutrition.
3 months ago