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does anyone know the name of this awful company or an address
14 hours ago
Had £145 taken from my bank account & promised a full refund within 4 weeks which didn't happen. Keep getting cut off when I try to phone them. Going to contact Watchdog.
6 days ago
Hi, does anyone have a possible address or email for this company???
1 week ago
Took £143 off me when I rang they had no record of me and would not tell me the company name. I have now put this in the hands of my bank
1 month ago
4 attempts total of £141-90. repaid by my bank but the bank cant trace these people
2 months ago
Tried to take 85 pounds unauthorized but bank blocked it
2 months ago
I have had £69 taken from my bank account. Have phoned twice and on both occasions I was promised a refund. It hasn’t been received. Why ??? I had no agreement with your company and want my money back
2 months ago
Take 2 payments of 20 and 21 from my bank unauthorised I would like money back
3 months ago
You have taken two unauthotised payments today totaling £134.50.i want am immediate refund. I have contacted CAB my Solocitor and the PSNI..police service for Northern Ireland..Expect a call from them.Your address has been traced also a call to Hermes your delivery people. If the refund is not forthcoming you and the rest of people you have scammed. Press it is. Await your reply
3 months ago
Attempted to take £85.00 from my account my bank has blocked transaction. Attempted to call no but saying closed and callback Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm it was 4.30pm when I called!?
4 months ago
You have taken two unauthorised payments of £95 &£92 from my account. I feel you have scammed me. If I’m not re-embursed within 10 days I will take court action against your company
4 months ago
Who are these
4 months ago
i would like my 69 pound back you have taken from my acc not authorized by me rang bank n you have to put it back ref n 113242 taken at 10.31 today 3/2 2020 pleas4e put it back
5 months ago
sample MIX360FIT for KETA 3.95 they added ULTRA360PLUS 2.50 No 03303801377
5 months ago